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Raleigh, Henry Patrick

Price: $ 4,000.00

Description: Suite of FOUR illustrations for “Simonetta”.

Comment: I don't think that I know a single illustration collector who doubts Raleigh's greatness. And as such I don't feel compelled to tell you what's significant and important about him. What's unusual about these particular subjects is the story behind them... the historical context if you will. These are all straight out of the estate of George Lorimer (1867-1937), the editor for The Post. It was during Lorimer's tenure that the readership of the magazine ballooned from several thousand to a subscription base of well over a million. No doubt part of the reason for the increase was due to the quality of the writing within the magazine's pages. Lorimer, being in a position of power there could have anything... well certainly anything published in the pages of the publication... hanging on his office wall. He chose these (likely among others). That's an acknowledgment of the greatness of Raleigh. Now... here's the thing. I am of the opinion that when things spend nearly a century together, it's hurtful to break them apart. As such, I'd rather sell these as a group than individually. I recognize though that not everyone feels the same way as I do... and of course have an obligation to the consignor to sell them. So, buy all four and you get a special price, as outlined below.

Provenance: Estate of George Lorimer, editor of The Saturday Evening Post.

*Price: $4000.00 is for the group of four.

Special: Buy seperate.  #1: $1,500. #2: $1,800. #3: $800. #4: $1,000.


Artist Henry Patrick Raleigh (1880-1944)
Caption #1: “It was undoubtedly the portrait... probably the famous lost portrait of Simonetta.”

#2: “Thurston turned quickly and beheld – Simonetta.”

#3: “Thurston knelt beside old Vespe and poured some of the liquor down his throat”

#4: “You will tell Mariuccia that the man from the Highest Mountain has come to give her that for which she has prayed so long.”
Condition Good... recently removed from their frames, which seem to have dated from the time of creation. Those frames were of the cheapest variety and so deemed unworthy. Existing mats are adhered to the surface(s)
Medium Charcoal and wash, some have areas of white gouache or watercolor added
Publication Information Story illustrations for “Simonetta” by Edwin Lefevre. Serialized in The Saturday Evening Post from April 19th through May 3rd, 1919.
Signature each signed.
Size #1: 12 x 9.25” #2: 9.25 x 15.75” #3: 13.5 x 7.5” #4: 14 x 11”


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