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Soulen, Henry J.

Price: $ 6,650.00

Description: Pirates and woman in formal garden.

Comment: Good pictures come and go, but this is truly a classic, great “old school” illustration of the first order. Plenty of illustrators worked hard, plenty even made a good living but perhaps the toughest thing was to create a style of one's own (ideally one difficult to mimic) and stick with it. Such are the charms of Soulen's nearly pointillist approach to illustration. One thing that's a little less than charming is how difficult it was to get decent photos of this... Illustration artwork is nearly always better in person than in photo, but this time thats particularly true. Beyond just the application of paint here, it's so much more involved... composition, massing of lights and darks, story-telling and lest we forget, mood. Truly a classic and with real wall presence. A full copy of the magazine... including a nice little article on the artist... is included.


Artist Henry J. Soulen (1888-1965)
Caption “Sir James' gallantly poised weapon went ringing from his hand with the first impact and successive blows stretched him senseless on the lawn.”
Condition Very good. Has been relined, light crackling particularly in background. Small area of crackle and accretion at elbow of standing swordsman towards the left.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Story illustration for “The Dragonfly” by Stephen Avery published in the February 1925 issue of Ladies' Home Journal.
Signature signed lower right.
Size 32 x 28”
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