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Varian, George

Price: $1,450.00

Description: Young woman standing at table of historical nobles

Comment: The book, which come to find out, is far more popular today than most writings of the period is illustrated by George Varian and Fanny Cory... Interestingly, the first several chapters include only images by Cory while by the end, it's Varian... AND pieces monogrammed in the same way this piece is. Kinda makes you wonder, Cory seems to have been going strong until the last few images were turned over to Varian... Hard to say at this point without as lot of research whether there was a falling out of some sort between one of the artists and the publisher, but interesting to ponder, or whether this piece with the unusual monogram represents a collaboration between the two. Ultimately I suppose that “it is what it is” and what it is is a classic piece of American illustration from more than a century ago. Includes a full copy of the book.


Artist George Varian (1865-1923)
Caption “Lydia responding to the toast”
Condition Very good. Nicely framed.
Medium Pen and ink and wash
Publication Information Book illustration for Lucy and Her Majesties by B.L. Farjeon, published by The Century Company, 1904, and apparently also appeared in The Century prior to its release in book form.
Signature monogrammed lower right.
Size 14.25 x 9.75”
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