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Unidentified, Artist

Price: $ 1,750.00

Description: Watching a card game... and... Visiting showgirl backstage.

Comment: What's better than a great paperback cover? How about two great covers on the same board. Here is such an instance. While I don't believe that the main male characters are meant to be the same person, their looks are similar enough to unify the compositions into one. Includes a copy of the book.


Artist Artist Unidentified (active 1950s)
Caption “She hungered for his money, his honor, his passion, his very soul.” …and... “What twisted compulsions can drive a woman to the streets?”
Condition Very good, tastefully framed.
Medium Gouache
Publication Information Prime Sucker by Harry Whittington / The Hussy by Idabel Williams. Universal Giant #G-1 (1952)
Signature not signed
Size 24.75 x 19”
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