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Parrish, Maxfield

Price: $ 5,300.00

Description: Nude woman running

Comment: Parrish, of course, with Rockwell, Leyendecker, Wyeth and a very small handful of others is one of those artists who’s got great name recognition even with those outside of the immediate circle of collectors of American illustration. The four illustrators I’ve listed really have one main thing in common... an incredibly strong and disciplined work ethic. In the case of Parrish the importance of outline as it fit into the composition as a whole lead him to do things like... make his own wooden urns and to meticulously cut out figurative (and other) forms. The best illustrators are concerned with “getting it right”... or at least they were at the time that this piece was created. Part of that goal called for an understanding of anatomy in motion. I bring this up because the published form shows the figure draped. This piece... in addition to other similar Parrish items that are here currently were all deaccessioned from the Haggin Museum in Stockton, California. The Museum had received it as part of a donation of Parrish’s works in 1958.


Artist Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966)
Caption For published version “Spring”
Condition Very good, mounted onto black backing
Medium Cut paper with pencil
Publication Information Working drawing for the Collier’s Weekly magazine cover of May 6th, 1905.
Signature not signed
Size 10.75 x 7”
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