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Buckham, Lynn

Price: $ 4,500.00

Description: Man kissing woman by ornamental tree

Comment: It’s human nature to easily recall the household names, but there were a lot of extremely talented illustrators in, as an example, the 1950s, who while popular at the time, are less recognized today than some of their contemporaries. Lynn Buckham is such an illustrator. This piece has it all... graphic appeal, story-telling and great wall presence.... what makes it for me is the fact that it goes beyond the standard clinch. The detail of her digging her fingernails into her thigh making this completely different than the standard pictures done by cadres of illustrators of the time.  

Price: $4,500 (+ $200 domestic shipping)


Artist Lynn Buckham (1918-1982)
Condition Excellent. Tastefully framed with museum glass.
Medium Gouache on board
Publication Information Not readily known. Likely McCalls, early 1960s
Signature signed lower left
Size 18.5 x 28.5”


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