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Chambers, Charles E.

Price: $4,450.00

Description: Paying up

Comment: This, to me, is a bit of a headscratcher... No, there’s no question about who painted it, or about Chambers’ abilities. What puzzles me is what exactly the storyline is. I thought for a while that the young woman was the housekeeper and that it was time for her to be paid. The gent shows a bit of consternation based on how expensive it’s become to keep the place tidy. But then... If she’s the hired help, it seems very forward for her to be seated on the furniture, unless there’s more to the relationship. Perhaps a daughter getting her allowance? The odd thing about that as the storyline is that he wears no wedding ring. At that time, even if his wife were deceased, he’d wear a ring. Or maybe he’s not reaching for his money, but something else... house keys, car keys? Who knows. If anyone out there has a tearsheet and can explain to me what the real story is, I’ll give you a 10% discount on the price of this picture. So, for those of you who love this, put on your research shoes for the opportunity to save some $. Anyway, I digress... Chambers could push paint around with the very best of them; exhibiting almost unbelievably smooth strokes. A fine thing, worthy of the best collections. I include too an image of the (pre-relined) back of the canvas, which is temptingly close to being legible.

Price: $4,450 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Charles E. Chambers (1883-1941)
Condition Very good. Recently cleaned, relined, restretched, and suitably framed
Medium Oil on canvas en grisaille
Publication Information not readily known
Signature signed lower right
Size 30 x 30”
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