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Meese, James

Price: $ 2,800.00

Description: Woman discovers body, man watching

Comment: Truly one of the great practitioners of the noir paperback cover, Meese was in demand by a variety of publishers and authors. Here we see him serving up his typical extra effort on the main figures for the James M. Fox classic. Seeing something like this reminds me of the fact that I should spend more time reading and less either on the computer or watching the telly. I think it’s good to be seen with a book... imagine how great it is to have art on the wall... a whole different level, as they say. Includes a copy of the book

Price: $2,800 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist James Meese (1917-1971)
Condition Excellent, tastefully framed with museum glass.
Medium Oil on board
Publication Information Paperback book cover for The Scarlet Slippers by James M. Fox. Published by Dell Books as #653 (1952)
Signature initialed lower right
Size 13.25 x 8.75”
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