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Sundblom, Haddon

Price: $ 28,000.00

Description: Family saying grace

Comment: I’ll venture to say that probably everyone who reads this is familiar with the Norman Rockwell painting “Saying Grace” that set a record for an American painting in 2013. Beyond the fact that both the Rockwell and the Sundblom are true masterworks, one thing that links them is their depiction of faith and ultimately optimism in a world that’s far from perfect. It’s Sundblom’s mastery of applying those buttery strokes that made him (and keeps his) so highly revered. Truly a tour-de-force for what would have been a very important commission. Swift’s Premium would have put a lot of stock in the painting, making the image available for purchase in printed form.

Price: $28,000 (+ $250 domestic shipping)


Artist Haddon Sundblom (1899-1976)
Caption “Grace before Meat: A painting by Haddon Sundblom inspired by the title of the immortal essay by Charles Lamb: ‘This is the dream of the soldier.../ Home-- where his thoughts have been for these long weary years of war./ Home-- with his family, his love, his hopes for tomorrow./ This will be his first festive meal in many many months./ And as heads are solemnly bowed their hearts will remember those who gave their lives for lasting peace--? ‘Grace before meat’”
Condition Very good, recently cleaned, relined and restretched. Period frame.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Double page magazine spread for Swift & Company. Appeared in magazines in 1945.
Signature signed lower left
Size 28 x 42”
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