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Addams, Charles

Price: $ 8,250.00

Description: Flying saucer approaches Miss Universe pageant

Comment: One of my all-time favorite Addams pieces… One of the elements that I love about this one particularly is the fact … here a full decade prior to the airing of the first episode of the Addams Family television show... there he is, in the third row… a “type” that Addams used even prior to the mid-1950's… Pugsley. No, he's not just a kid in a stripey shirt… we know this because he's essentially the only one amused by the sight of the invading spacecraft. This is consigned from the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation, so essentially Addams' estate and has not been offered for sale previously. The fact that Addams kept it for the last thirty-some years of his life is probably about the most glowing recommendation for which one can hope.

Price: $8,250 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Charles Addams (1912-1988)
Caption “Go right ahead, Pomfert. The entries closed two weeks ago.”
Condition Very good, not framed
Medium Ink and wash
Publication Information Published in The New Yorker, July 12th, 1954.
Literature Homebodies, p. 56
Signature signed lower left
Size 18.5 x 13.75”
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