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Bull Livingston, Charles

Price: $1,250.00

Description: Cougar and porcupine on downed tree trunk

Comment: I have a copy of the book, but it's a hard one to find… so… If you purchase the other piece that I have from the book, then the book will be included with the purchase. Reversed for reproduction. An acquaintance has referred to Bull as “Audubon working on a tight deadline”… such is the level of veracity in his compositions. To me Bull's success comes in the showing of animals as individuals with individual personalities and not simply as displaying traits of the species.

Price: $1,250 (+ $75 domestic shipping)


Artist Charles Livingston Bull (1874-1932)
Caption “Now the cougar hastily withdrew the paw she had extended, and retreated before the backing porcupine”
Condition This art has certainly lived a full life… There's a spot where the board has been pushed through from the back sometime in the past ninety years… board is somewhat browned and with rough edges. This will display well… better still if buyer has the area above the porcupine tended to.
Medium Ink and watercolor
Publication Information Story illustration for “The Pool of Adventure” appearing in
Fighting Hearts of the Wild by Kenneth Gilbert. Published by The Century Company, 1928.
Signature Signed in reverse lower right
Size 16.5 x 28”
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