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Bushmiller, Ernie

Price: $ 500.00

Description: Phil Fumble, who'd been under the weather, returns to work.

Comment: I love Fritzi Ritz... there, I said it... some would say that this is a guilty pleasure. I say, what's not to love, she's pretty, confident and can make her way in the world without “help” from the likes of Phil Fumble. As one of the Phil Fumbles of the world, having such women who put up with us (at least most of the time) is remarkable.


Artist Ernie Bushmiller (1905-1982)
Condition Some discoloration to the paste-downs, overall very good, nicely framed.
Medium Pen and ink, past-downs
Publication Information Sunday Fritzi Ritz comic strip, May 6th, 1956.
Signature signed in the statted logo, otherwise not per se.
Size 15 x 22.5”


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