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Koerner, W.H.D.

Price: $4,350.00

Description: Couple in front of statue of Buddha, he in uniform

Comment: What's typical for Koerner… or to probably put it better… When we think of W.H.D. Koerner, this is not typically the subject matter that comes to mind. Koerner is best remembered for scenes of life on the western frontier. This piece though goes to show that a good painter is a good painter and that often an illustrator will have talents far beyond what one's known for…

Price: $4,350 (+ $150 domestic shipping)


Artist W.H.D. Koerner (1878-1938)
Caption “It will be hard to make you believe. It begins with a dream.”
Condition Very good, recently cleaned and freshly varnished… minimalist frame
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Story illustration for “The Number One Boy” by John Taintor Foote appearing in The Saturday Evening Post for May 20th, 1922.
Signature signed lower right
Size 36 x 16”
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