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Fawcett, Robert

Price: $ 3,250.00

Description: Frightened woman.

Comment: Fawcett's abilities to convey mood and narrative through a preponderance of detail is more understated in this picture than in many of his works. That said, it shows convincingly his ability to hone his style to the specifics of the story. This piece along with the Atherton, the Briggs, the Parker and the von Schmidts had been stored in a warehouse for, at least, the last forty years and have not been publicly offered previously.


Artist Robert Fawcett (1903-1967)
Caption “Man-made plague, the terror that haunts the future made this tiny island a laboratory of death.”
Condition Very good, matted but not framed.
Medium Ink and watercolor, gouache
Publication Information Story illustration for “The Clock Strikes Thirteen” by Herbert Brean. Published in Cosmopolitan magazine of June 1952.
Literature Robert Fawcett, The Illustrator's Illustrator by David Apatoff and Manuel Auad. Published by Auad Publishing, 2010. Page 162.
Signature not signed.
Size 17.25 x 12.75”


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