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Hufford, Nick

Price: $ 4,200.00

Description: School crossing guard scene

Comment: When I was a kid, we didn’t have crossing guards, but we did have bus cops... typically the brown-nosers of the school, recruited to maintain order. They were pretty universally considered dweebs, yet there was always a segment of the school population that adored anyone in uniform... and the rest of us who were non-plussed. Note the slightly rakishly opened collar, the stance and of course the footwear of the rebellious lot. Truly an artistic tour-de-force, this painting conveys a lot through dress and facial expression.


Artist Nick Hufford (1915-1986)
Condition Very good, suitably framed
Medium Oil on board
Publication Information Almost certainly a calendar piece
Signature signed lower right
Size 22 x 26.5”


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