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Saunders, Norman

Price: $2,900.00

Description: Lovelies rescued from Cuban boat

Comment: As a genre, one of the things that I like best about men’s magazine interior artwork is the fact that frequently there are about 15 things going on simultaneously. One second either side of the moment and things can be completely and absolutely different. More specific to Saunders, I like the way he tells a story in pieces such as this. And in this piece particularly, beyond Cuban lovelies in or out of swimsuits... being a fan of this type of material, I love the title... though it’s something that Saunders would have had nothing to do with. Includes a copy of the book Norman Saunders published by The Illustrated Press, 2008.

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Artist Norman Saunders (1907-1989)
Caption “Reluctantly I helped them aboard. They had a good enough reason for jumping ship, but I was in no position to receive them. I could be shot for the hot cargo I carried.”
Condition Very good, not framed
Medium Gouache en grisaille
Publication Information Story illustration for “I Stole Castro’s Ultra Secret Sin Nymphs” by Mark Warren and Bob Shields, appearing in World of Men magazine for May 1972.
Signature not signed
Size 15 x 21.75”
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