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Wenzell, Albert Beck

Price: $3,450.00

Description: Couple on ship's deck, approaching port.

Comment: This is quite an early work based on the style of the signature. Wenzell is most-closely associated with scenes of leisure involving the well-to-do. What we see here is probably the end of a trans-Atlantic trip... though one of relaxation rather than emigration. The number and size of the pieces of luggage make it unlikely that this was a shorter journey. If we could see the Statue of Liberty is the background, the price would likely triple.


Artist Albert Beck Wenzell (1864-1917)
Caption not known
Condition Light surface grime. Overall very good condition in vintage frame. Really very nicely preserved.
Medium oil on canvas en grisaille
Publication Information not known.
Signature signed lower right.
Size 20.5 x 18”
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