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Unidentified, Artist

Price: $850.00

Description: Standing woman, patterned background.

Comment: This is a really neat piece and it can provide a bit of a lesson for young illustrators out there... and it could really also apply to the Jes Schlaikjer that's listed in this current batch of offerings. If you're proud of your work, and presumably you should be... please sigh in a way that is obvious. Follow the lessons of James Montgomery Flagg, Franklin Booth and countless others. Make sure people know who created the picture for which you're being paid... you next job may well depend on it. Besides which... you wouldn't want to confuse someone in 30 or so years!


Artist Artist Unidentified (active 1980s)
Condition Very good, decently framed.
Medium oil on canvas mounted on panel
Publication Information Not known, almost certainly a wrap-around paperback book cover
Signature initialed and dated lower left.
Size 17.75 x 23.5”
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