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Pease, Ray

Price: $4,300.00

Description: Woman eyes man at hotel door

Comment: In the early 1950's the popularity of digest-sized paperback books afforded publishers, art directors (and ultimately illustrators) the luxury of a larger surface on which to make their statements. The result was often more of a painting as opposed to the type-reliant vignettes that later came to influence the paperback world. There were some real masters at this… For my money, Ray Pease, George Gross and Rudy Nappi are three of the best. Here's a large and impressive Pease, tastefully framed and ready for your wall. Includes a copy of the book.

Price: $4,300 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Ray Pease (1908- ca. 1991)
Caption “Women and Men, Passion and Greed, Desire and Ambition pour through the CITY HOTEL”
Condition Excellent, framed
Medium Oil on board
Publication Information Digest-sized paperback book cover for City Hotel by Jane Manning (Carnival Books, 1953).
Signature signed lower right
Size 23.5 x 16.5”
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