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Scott, John

Price: $1,550.00

Description: Embrace on the bed

Comment: This has been here for quite a while. I think it's a great picture, but it always managed to get crossed off of the list of pictures to put up on the website. Why? One might ask… Mainly because I could never quite wrap my brain around whether the artist was John W. Scott, creator of many pulp magazine covers who was profiled by David Saunders in ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE in 2005. Having just flipped through that magazine, I feel confident that the artists are one and the same. This much is certain, that guy sure could paint and so can the creator of this piece. Looking at art and television from this period one's struck by the evidently widespread practice of going to sleep in full make-up(!)

Price: $1,550 (+ $50 domestic shipping)


Artist John Scott (1907-1987)
Condition Very good, matted, not framed
Medium Gouache and watercolor
Publication Information Not known, most likely a magazine story illustration
Signature signed lower right
Size 12 x 18.5”
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