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Doore, Clarence

Price: $2,200.00

Description: Lumberjacks battling it out.

Comment: People I know, including myself, who like the “sweat” magazines often point to the implausibility of the depicted situations as one of the things that specifically attracts them. Here's a great case in point. Fighting in this manner would require solid footing... the notion of a life-or-death battle occurring on floating logs is absurdly lovable... I mean this in a good way.



Artist Clarence Doore (1913-1988)
Caption [none]

Condition Overall good. Some losses at edges which should be covered by future framing. Scattered small losses and crackling of paint, though not distracting
Medium Oil on board
Publication Information Cover illustration for Real Men magazine of January 1957.
Signature signed lower left.
Size 25.5 x 19.25”
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