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Georgi, Edwin

Price: $7,350.00

Description: Two couples conversing

Comment: Regular readers of either my website listings or my “Picture(s) of the Week” will know that I'm a Georgi fan. It's not just the elegance of the characters in this piece… there are plenty of times that his people are neither elegant nor admirable… It's that little bit of the mysterious unknown that I think comes across in a lot of his best efforts… sometimes it takes a moment for that quality to come through. While I've not yet found where this was published, the point of the magazine story will, I think, be made clear upon closer examination of the photo

Price: $7,350 (+ $80 domestic shipping)


Artist Edwin Georgi (1896-1964)
Condition Very good, tastefully framed.
Medium Mixed media
Publication Information Not readily known
Signature Not signed
Size 10.25 x 28.5”
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