Mayan, Earl

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Description: Showdown at the poker table

Comment: When I think of Mayan's illustration art, one of the first words that comes to mind is usually 'archetypical.' So many of his characters seem familiar (and not just to one another), but to the types that we associate with the fiction writing of the middle of last century. Spread from the magazine, though not the entire issue accompanies purchase of the artwork.

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Artist Earl Mayan (1916-2009)
Caption “Jacques grinned and laid down a straight flush. He never knew I was sitting there with a bigger straight flush than his.”
Condition I think that the passage of time has probably made the artwork seem a little cloudy. I'm imagining that this would be easy to rectify… maybe a new coat of varnish would do it.
Medium Oil on board
Publication Information Story illustration for “Winner Take All” by Robert Standish, published in The Saturday Evening Post of May 31st, 1952.
Signature Signed lower left
Size 15 x 37”