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Anderson, Allen

Price: $14,250.00
Description: Abduction of prairie woman  

Comment:  While it’s not the only thing, ONE thing that I personally like about the cover art for pulp magazines is the sense of absurdity. Sometimes this is expressed in terms of seventeen things happening at precisely the same moment… a device that Anderson, for one, certainly embraced. In this instance though the absurdity that I’m referencing might be a bit more subtle… Look here at the woman’s shoes and nylons… between those elements and the direness of the situation and we have just the information that we need.

Price: $14,250  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist Allen Anderson (1908-1995)
Condition Very good, nicely framed and ready for the wall.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Cover art for Speed Western Stories, April 1943. Featuring the story “Bucky Swings the Whip” by Laurence Donovan.
Literature Allen Anderson by David Saunders, p. 64. Published by The Illustrated Press, 2019.
Signature not signed
Size 30 x 21”
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