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Hulsey, Will

Price: $4,500.00
Description:   Woman fires gun as she’s pushed from speeding car
Comment:  One ‘school’ of art that I particularly enjoy… and it trends to show up more in men’s adventure magazines and true crime digests than in the pulp magazines… is the “Everything happening at once” approach. This is a good example… chased by the cops… door flung open… speeding vehicle tipping over… gun going off while all the time the woman is perfectly put together. Hollywood couldn’t have done any better. I show an image of what the magazine cover looked like, but do not have the magazine itself to include.
Price: $4,500  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist Will Hulsey (20th century)
Condition Very good, framed and ready for the wall.
Medium Oil on board
Publication Information Appeared on the cover of Guilty Detective Story magazine for November, 1956
Signature Signed lower left
Size 25 x 18.75”
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