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Stavrinos, George

Price: $2,350.00
Description:   Woman in plaid on a windy day
Comment: I would doubt that I need to tell any of my readers who George Stavrinos was, so let’s focus on something else. Look at the impressively active composition here. This is a fine example of the change that took place in fashion illustration shifting from clothing as clothing to what we could call “clothes in life.”
Price: $2,350  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist George Stavrinos (1948-1990)
Caption [not known]
Condition Excellent, from the estate of the artist
Medium Graphite
Publication Information Advertisement for Barney’s, New York, 1978.
Literature This appeared in “George Stavrinos Special Issue” of Vision as #201 (on p. 90), ca. 1985.
Signature Signed and dated (’78) lower right
Size 8.5 x 6.25”
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