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Unidentified, Artist

Price: $9,000.00

Description:  Soldiers in the shower  

Comment:  In general poster art created for the U.S. Government is very highly sought-after. That is quite distinct from what many people will see here as a “gay interest” subject matter. I have to say that I thought that this was likely by John Clymer based in part on another similar subject that sold at auction not long ago. I contacted the Clymer Museum and while they didn’t say “No, it’s not by John”, they said that he signed essentially all the work he created for reproduction. I, for my part, remain at a bit of a loss about authorship of this. Clymer remains my best guess. I think though that it’s one of those cases where the holder of the brush won’t make much of a difference to everyone. Includes a linen backed copy of the original poster which measures 19.75 x 13.75”

Price: $9,000  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist Artist Unidentified (active 1940s)
Caption “It’s an Old American Custom: KEEP CLEAN. Take a bath every day that you can” and

“These guys rigged up this shower 48 hours after making a beach-head.”
Condition Very good, not framed as of yet.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Poster illustration for U.S. Government Printing Office, 1944.
Signature not signed
Size 31 x 23.75” (image area) on a 37 x 26” stretched canvas
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