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Fuchs, Bernie

Price: $1,650.00

Description: Birds at the shoreline.

Comment: ONE of the many things that made Bernie Fuchs a great illustrator was his ability with the “quiet” picture. This is a good example of that in that it doesn't focus on an element of storytelling or action to be successful. It is his mastery of the subtle that makes even a scene that would be repeated thousands of times in a single day interesting. I've made a conscious effort not to name the species of bird depicted... at first I'd thought these were flamingos, but now am leaning towards great herons. Any ornithologists out there?


Artist Bernie Fuchs (1932-2009)
Caption not known
Condition Very good, tape residue at far top and far bottom, both areas well outside of the image area. Pencil croplines that are at edge of main image area, but which could be erased, or at least matted out. Not framed.
Medium Pencil
Publication Information For a “Reporter At Large” column that appeared in The New Yorker magazine. Date of publication not readily known
Signature Signed lower right.
Size 16 x 18.5”
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