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Gruger, Frederic Rodrigo

Price: $850.00

Description: Cafe' scene with conspirators.

Comment: I think that there are probably people, including clients of mine, who when it comes to Gruger can either take him or leave him. To me what's amazing is his ability to convey scene and mood... more often than not without tools beyond his own imagination. One also must look at the company that an artist of Gruger's influence keeps. That is, while anyone with the money can go out and buy a pretty picture, what impresses me is the fact that nearly every illustrator that I know points to Gruger as one of the greats... who better to gauge what makes a great great?



Artist Frederic Rodrigo Gruger (1871-1953)
Caption [not readily known]
Condition Very good... the outline around the composition may, in fact, be executed by another hand. Not framed.
Medium Pencil
Publication Information Story illustration for “To Let, on Flagler Street” by Thomas McMorrow, published in The Saturday Evening Post, February 6th, 1926.
Signature signed center right
Size 12.25 x 16.25”
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