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Unidentified, Artist

Price: $1,150.00

Description: Shooting guy in car trunk

Comment: Because there was such a large number of titles published in the “sweat” magazine (that is men's adventure) genre on a monthly or even more frequent basis, it's difficult to pin this down with certainty. There is what could be a date of January 1959 on verso, but even at that, it would make it one of only a couple dozen magazines and still a longshot. Many notable illustrators cut their teeth with this type of subject... many either declined to sign their work, or were discouraged from doing so by the publisher.

Price: Unidentified (shot in trunk): $1,150 + $75 shipping


Artist Artist Unidentified (active 1950s-60s)
Condition Very good, matted not framed.
Medium Watercolor and gouache primarily en grisaille
Publication Information Not readily known, obviously one of the “sweat” magazines.
Signature not signed.
Size 17 x 23”
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