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Taraba Illustration Art, LLC is an independent small business, specializing in original works of art by American illustrators and spanning the period from 1850 to 1990. Fred Taraba was the Director of Illustration House in New York City from 1991 through August of 2007. At that time, he moved to Casper, Wyoming to start his own business. Being a small operation, you can rest assured that clients --- whether buying or selling are given a level of personal service not found elsewhere. Being my own boss keeps me light on my feet. There are a thousand stories to tell about my 30-plus years in business … don’t be surprised to see some of them pop up here from time to time.

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Masters of American Illustration:
41 Illustrators and How They Worked

by Fred Taraba
Featuring 41 of America's greatest illustrators, this book is a showcase for hundreds of reproductions of original paintings, photographs, and tearsheets of vintage printed ephemeral materials. This book is destined to be a classic, and belongs on the bookshelf of every serious student of American illustration history.

The book is now out of print. I have a small number of copies remaining. I sell them at or below what the “market price” is at any given moment.