Low commission structure

I take work on consignment. I realize that you have choices of where to consign, so why should you choose me? I have a good core group of collectors, have been in the business a long time and so I know who's looking for what. It hasn't happened overnight, but I am one of the most trusted people in the business. The cornerstones of my business are HONESTY, INTEGRITY and COMMUNICATION. I offer a low commission structure, as follows:

  • Works sold below $2,000 ---- 25%
  • $2,000- 4,999 ---- 20%
  • $5,000- $9,999 ---- 15%
  • $10,000 and up ---- 10%

Your only cost is in getting the artwork to me.

Generally I like to have an exclusive arrangement for at least one year. If a year passes without a sale it may be time to rethink the pricing. This would be handled on a case-by-case basis. Having inactive pictures collecting dust year after year doesn't interest me and it's not good for you either.