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Frost, B. Arthur

Price: $1,500.00

Description: Doctor looking into man's mouth.

Comment: Any fan of Frost will understand why this is a great example even though it's a little hard to quantify what's great about it. I think it has to do with the subtlety (or understated-ness) of a very non-subtle situation. With the flu going around seemingly everywhere right now (and certainly in Casper), this image may seem all too familiar to many. Looks to me as though Frost used himself for the figure of the doctor.

Price: $1,500 (including domestic shipping)


Artist Arthur B. Frost (1851-1928)
Condition Very good. Matted and framed.
Medium Charcoal and wash
Publication Information Not sure whether this was a story illustration, or a stand-alone humorous illustration. I do know though that it appeared in Century magazine and that the date of publication was probably between about 1904 and 1906.
Signature not signed
Size 10.5 x 9”
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