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Wicks, Ren

Price: $1,400.00

Description: Confrontation at the motorscooter.

Comment: In part because of his extensive work on detail-driven assignments, including his impressive series of astronomical and aeronautical subjects for NASA and Lockheed, Wicks is probably more widely thought of as a “detail guy,” rather than remembered for either his composition or story-telling abilities. Yet another piece in the current batch where I'm in the dark about it's usage. Ultimately it doesn't much matter… Everything's here… the threat, the isolation, the silhouettes, the wondering “What's going to happen now?” All of these elements add up to a great piece of illustration art.

Price: $1,400 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Ren Wicks (1911-1988)
Condition Very good, period frame and mat
Medium Appears to be mainly acrylic, gouache and pencil en grisaille on board
Publication Information not yet known
Signature Signed lower right
Size 19.25 x 18.25”
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