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Bouche`, Rene`

Price: $3,000.00

Description: Woman with her dog and parasol

Provenance: Estate of Arpi Ermoyan

Comment: Fashion… and more specifically (I guess) “fashionable-ness” is such an interesting thing. During the 1950's a more individualized look that regular people could achieve came something into vogue. I think… and No, I'm not a fashion historian… the light and airy “Woman on the street” look was very different than the formal fashion showrooms of New York and Paris. As such, and akin to, for example covers for Vogue, this image is selling less a specific garment or accessory than it is selling an attitude. That's one thing that makes me think perfume is the product here… a notoriously difficult “thing” to depict.

Price: $3,000 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Rene` Bouche` (1906 - 1963)
Condition Repaired (on verso) tear from left edge, slightly creased, overall very good, tastefully matted and framed.
Medium Watercolor, gouache and marker
Publication Information Not readily known, likely done as an advertisement, possibly for perfume
Literature “Famous American Illustrators: Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame Awards” by Arpi Ermoyan. Published by Rotovision, 1997. Artwork appears on page 147.
Signature Signed lower right
Size 24.5 x 16.75”
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