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Bowler, Joe

Price: $3,150.00

Description: Couple just about to kiss

Comment: It's always interesting to me to see illustrators and in particular the greats (among whom I certainly count Joe Bowler) working things out… by which I mean the comparison of the sketch submitted to the art director held next to the version that appeared in the magazine's pages. Accompanied by a preliminary sketch of the composition, measuring 10 x 14”. Sorry but there's no way I'll break up the pair… and honestly at this price point, you shouldn't even want me to. I would have liked to have a copy of the magazine to accompany, but… when the piece came in, I only found one copy on Ebay and it was hideously expensive. Sometimes the printed version is different enough from the finish to be an interesting study in and of itself. Just as I was listing this, another copy of the magazine popped up, but the condition is bad enough that I'll leave it to the purchaser to find a copy that suits.

Price: $3,150 (+ $60 domestic shipping)


Artist Joe Bowler (1928-2017)
Caption [not known]
Condition Very good, neither matted, neither framed. On the finish… Yes, that's brown “duck tape” all the way around. Sorry about that, it was not my choice… will still mat up just fine even if the tape may prove pesky to remove.
Medium Acrylic on masonite
Publication Information Story illustration seemingly appearing in the June 1965 issue of Good Housekeeping. Story name and author are not readily known.
Signature Signed lower right
Size 14.25 x 18.5”
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