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Barratt, George Watson

Price: $6,750.00
Description:  Airplane casts a shadow on stylish woman

Here’s one I really like and a wonderful package all the way around. I think that it’s not just the composition but rather the combination of up-to-the-minute fashion and cutting edge technology that makes this work particularly well as a cover image. I’ll include a couple close-up shots so you can see what I’m talking about under Condition. Includes framed magazine cover (only). 

Price: $6,750  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist George Watson Barratt (1884-1962)
Condition Quite a bit of craquelure. The canvas has been relined but the craquelure didn’t disappear in the process. There are some small areas that still need inpainting and there are areas of inpaint that were done which show up under ultra-violet light. My suspicion is that if one were to invest a little in some scattered inpatients, one would wind up with something nearly indistinguishable from the original intent. Tastefully framed.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Cover art for Harper’s Weekly of March 9th, 1912.
Signature Signed lower left
Size 37 x 24”
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