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McCarthy, Frank

Price: $6,250.00
Description:  Astronaut, Mission Control, launch

Comment:  I feel pretty confident in this attribution… it’s not just in the colors and the application of paint, but in the textures. Book was made into a(n underrated) movie entitled The 9th Configuration in 1980 according to a customer whose opinion in such things I trust. Blatty was, of course, best known for The Exorcist. Includes a copy of the book

Price: $6,250  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist Frank McCarthy (attrib.) (1924-2002)
Condition Very good, matted but not framed
Medium Casein
Publication Information Cover for Twinkle, Twinkle, ‘Killer’ Kane by William Peter Blatty. Published by Curtis Books, 1966.
Signature Not signed
Size 21.75 x 13.25”
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