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Chambers, Charles Bosseron

Price: $8,800.00

Description:  Quentin Durward escorts the Countess of Croye away from mob. 

Comment:  Like a lot of things that come through here… this has a history. I typed out the whole story and then realized I’m probably the only person on earth who’d be interested to read it. I did retain it though, so if you’re truly interested in the info, please let me know and I’ll forward it to you individually. 

Price: $8,800  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist Charles Bosseron Chambers (1880-1964)
Caption “Plunge Your Dagger in My Heart, Rather Than Leave Me in the Hands of These Monsters.”
Condition Excellent, recently cleaned.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Book illustration for the 1940 Harper’s edition of Quentin Durward by Sir Walter Scott.
Signature Signed lower right
Size 29.5 x 24.5”
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