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Squires, C. Clyde

Price: $2,000.00

Description:  Bathing suit sale 

Comment:  I really like this picture… my guess and it’s mainly a guess since I’ve not seen it reproduced, is that the point comes in her surprise that the young sales guy is chatting her up. Maybe I’ve missed the boat and will find disappointment in the caption, until then I’m happy to live in ignorance. 

Price: $2,000  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist C. Clyde Squires (1883-1970)
Condition This has been relined. Looking at the art under the blacklight, there’re indications that there’s been scattered overpaint, predominantly in the background but also as a few reinforcing brushstrokes on the woman’s dress. At least that’s how it appears, oftentimes white in particular continues to fluoresce long after the paint is no longer fresh.
Medium Oil on canvas en grisaille
Publication Information not readily known
Signature Signed lower center
Size 24 x 20”
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