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Lewicki, James

Price: $1,250.00

Description: TransAtlantic Blimp travel.

Comment: Following the Hindenburg disaster in May 1937 there was, understandably, a reticence to even suggest travel via lighter-than-air aircraft. That feeling was quite prevalent throughout the years of World War II as not only did people have other more pressing concerns, but... the perceived danger of a huge slow-moving target dissuaded people further still. When the war was over though a generally more optimistic feeling began to grow and such things as a peaceful floating from point A to point B again became possible. Many people though could not clear their minds of the image of the Hindenburg going down in flames and so the rebirth of the mode of travel never really, um, got off the ground.


Artist James Lewicki (1917-1979)
Condition Good, matted but not framed.
Medium Gouache
Publication Information For “The Big Balloons Are Back” by Burnet Hershey. Liberty magazine, September 15th, 1945.
Signature signed lower right.
Size 6 x 23.25”
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