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Ludekens, Fred

Price: $3,750.00
Description:  THREE subjects 

Comment:  A nice grouping that shows well, I think. Very good examples of Ludekens’ design abilities and his story-telling prowess. Copies of all three of the corresponding magazines accompany purchase of the artwork. Sorry, not really interested in breaking up the group. 

Price: $3,750/ the three (includes domestic shipping)


Artist Fred Ludekens (1900-1982)
Caption First: “The first Conestoga rolled up through the darkness and in on the narrow shelf before the cave mouth.”
Second: “McCune leaped for his gun. He didn't see Ash's hand unsheath the knife and hurl it in one smooth gesture.”
Third: “Trapped on open ground with only a dead man and a dead horse for company, Dan Gentry at last faced the man who had ruined him.”
Condition First two in very good condition… third subject has had the background color fade almost completely away… based on the condition of the others, the background in the third must have been of a very fugitive pigment. One could, of course, have the color reintroduced. Framed to match one another
Medium Ink and watercolor
Publication Information All for “Renegade Canyon” by Peter Dawson, which was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post from August 6th through September 17th, 1949. These are from the fourth, fifth and sixth installments respectively.
Signature First not signed, second signed lower left and third signed lower right. Third subject is also inscribed “To Amy and Rex…”
Size two subjects are 10.5 x 17.75” with one slightly different at 10.75 x 17.5”
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