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Illustration Art

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  Name Description Manufacturer Price Location Medium Additional data
Tepper, Saul
oil on canvas
ArtistSaul Tepper (1899-1987)
Carter, Pruett
Oil on canvas
ArtistPruett Carter (1891-1955)
Carter, Pruett
Oil on canvas
ArtistPruett Carter (1891-1955)
Cornwell, Dean
Oil on canvas
ArtistDean Cornwell (1892-1960)
Flagg, James Montgomery
Oil on canvas
ArtistJames Montgomery Flagg (1877-1960)
Pearce, G.C.
Oil on canvas
ArtistG.C. Pearce (1881-1960)
Schaeffer, Mead
Oil on canvas
ArtistMead Schaeffer (1898-1980)
Stoops, Herbert Morton
Oil on canvas
ArtistHerbert Morton Stoops (1888-1948)
von Schmidt, Harold
Oil on canvas
ArtistHarold von Schmidt (1893-1982)
Unidentified, Artist
Oil on canvas
ArtistArtist Unidentified (active 1940s)
Coleman, Ralph Pallen
Oil on board
ArtistRalph Pallen Coleman (1892-1968)
Levine, Saul
Oil on board
ArtistSaul Levine (1915-?)
Tauss, Herb
Oil on board
ArtistHerb Tauss (1929-2001)
Unidentified, Artist
Oil on board
ArtistArtist Unidentified (early 20th century)
Blossom, David
Oil on board
ArtistDavid Blossom (1927-1995)
Stahl, Ben
Most are oil on either board or masonite, a couple are ink and pencil on board
ArtistBen Stahl (1910-1987)
Sickles, Noel
Mixed, primarily ink, gouache and colored pencil
ArtistNoel Sickles (1910-1982)
English, Mark
Mixed media on board
ArtistMark English (1933-2019)
Clive, Henry
Mainly pastel
ArtistHenry Clive (1881-1960)
Held Jr, John
Ink and watercolor
ArtistJohn Held, Jr. (1889-1958)