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TIA's "website" inventory; in fact there are hundreds of quality original pieces available that are not seen here.

Illustration Art

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Price: $3,650.00
ArtistFrank McCarthy (1924-2002)
MediumCasein on board
Price: $6,250.00
ArtistFrank McCarthy (attrib.) (1924-2002)
Price: $1,400.00
ArtistRen Wicks (1911-1988)
MediumAppears to be mainly acrylic, gouache and pencil en grisaille on board
Price: $3,150.00
ArtistJoe Bowler (1928-2017)
MediumAcrylic on masonite
Price: $2,750.00
ArtistRichard Carciero (b. apparently 1953)
MediumAcrylic on canvas
Price: $2,300.00
ArtistJoe Bowler (1928-2017)
MediumAcrylic and pencil on masonite
Price: $3,500.00
ArtistWayne Barlowe (b. 1958)
Price: $6,250.00
ArtistVincent Di Fate (b. 1945)
Price: $6,250.00
ArtistBernie Fuchs (1932-2009)
Price: $2,400.00
ArtistCharles Davis Mitchell (1887-1940)
Medium Pencil
Price: $1,600.00
ArtistErik Blegvad (1923-2014)
Medium Ink and wash on gessoed masonite
Price: $1,850.00
ArtistJon Whitcomb (1906-1988)
Medium Gouache, ink and pencil
Price: $1,450.00
ArtistJohn McDermott (1919-1977)
Medium Gouache
Price: $1,650.00
ArtistWallace Morgan (1873-1948)
Medium Charcoal and wash