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Illustration Art

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  Name Description Manufacturer Price Location Medium Additional data
Barlowe, Wayne
ArtistWayne Barlowe (b. 1958)
Bouche`, Rene`
Watercolor, gouache and marker
ArtistRene` Bouche` (1906 - 1963)
Barton, Ralph
Pen and ink, watercolor en grisaille
ArtistRalph Barton (1891-1931)
Barton, Ralph
Pen and ink, watercolor
ArtistRalph Barton (1891-1931)
Bower, Maurice
Unfixed pastel on board
ArtistMaurice Bower (1889-1980)
Bowler, Joe
Acrylic and pencil on masonite
ArtistJoe Bowler (1928-2017)
Bowler, Joe
Acrylic on masonite
ArtistJoe Bowler (1928-2017)
Barratt, George Watson
Oil on canvas
ArtistGeorge Watson Barratt (1884-1962)
Blossom, David
Oil on board
ArtistDavid Blossom (1927-1995)
Blossom, David
Gouache on board
ArtistDavid Blossom (1927 - 1995)
Baz, Ben-Hur
ArtistBen-Hur Baz (1906-2003)
Bleser Jr, August
Oil on canvas
ArtistAugust Bleser, Jr. (1898-1966)
Brown, Arthur William
ArtistArthur William Brown (1881-1966)